The Plight of the American-Latino Professional

The Plight of the American-Latino Professional

The Plight of the American-Latino Professional By: Jesse A. Mejia   American-Latino professionals possess the desire to achieve new heights in Corporate America.  In describing the richness of the Latino culture, taking pride in our civic contributions and hearing how much we as Latinos matter to businesses and in political elections, there is also a… Continue Reading

Recognizing the Social Cues of MBA Interviewing

Effective interviewing requires skill. While a good interview does not guarantee that you will move forward in the process, a bad interview does guarantee that you will stop moving at all. Therefore, learning effective interviewing requires practice. Your job is to invest the time to become effective at interviewing. All interviews create the same jitters.… Continue Reading

Why Business School is Really Three Years

There’s a belief- and it’s wrong. MBA candidates think that business school starts after they quit their jobs; after they take the popular global summer trip to Barcelona, Monaco, Phuket, or Paris; after they’ve shipped their cars, moved into the MBA residential hall or apartment; and after they’ve completed Pre-Term with its scavenger hunts and… Continue Reading

MBA Applications Submitted: While You Wait

You did it! After months of test prep, research and writing iteration after iteration of essays, you submitted completed applications to top MBA programs. Congratulations! Now you can breathe, sleep, and finally eat!! We’ve been there. Suddenly, you feel a little lost. The day after deadlines, you come home from work and have no idea… Continue Reading

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