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Rise Up!

Success is seldom achieved alone and everyone needs someone in his or her life to provide guidance to help propel them forward. I know first hand the value of having a guide when you are working to achieve a goal and striving to accomplish a dream that you have held in your heart and mind. Life will through curve balls, challenges and obstacles that will make your goal seem like a distant unreachable dream.

I have had my fair share of challenges as I have progressed through school and my career. The challenges didn’t stop me. I pressed forward through each obstacle with a fortitude and grit that has become the cornerstone of the work I do with others. You see I didn’t have family members who could help me navigate college life and the business world. Perhaps your story is a lot like mine in that you also didn’t have family to provide insight on choosing a college major, completing financial aid paperwork or applying for internships to gain experience. Unfortunately, many Latino college students and professionals are at a disadvantage because they don’t know how to prepare for a job interview, how to apply to graduate school or how to deal with the many challenges of navigating the workplace and building a successful career they love.

My passion in this area has led to my being invited to discuss the power of self-development as a keynote speaker at various universities, leadership conferences and corporations.

Through the help of time, mentors, and tribulations, I figured it out. While you too could probably figure it out on your own, sometimes it’s best to just ask for help. I created this website to serve as your “virtual mentor” so you don’t waste time like I did trying to figure things out alone.

Mi Gente, join me, as we RISE UP together.

-Jesse A. Mejia

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