Have you dreamed of attending business school as a way to advance in your career and build a better life for you and your family?

Are you working hard on your job but really want to learn how to build a thriving career?

Are you committed to doing what it takes to be successful but your goals and dreams seem elusive or difficult to achieve?

Successful individuals know that the journey to reaching their goal is like running a marathon. It takes coaching, hard work, focus and stamina to reach the finish line. It takes more than smarts and a positive attitude to be successful. It takes grit. Many of Jesse’s clients have faced seemingly hopeless odds and challenges that would make the average person want to quit. Jesse leverages his client’s challenges and experiences as fuel for their journey and teaches them how to apply the same grit they have used to get into college to help them excel in school and thrive in their careers.

Jesse Mejia is a Career Catalyst and his expertise and passion is helping develop your game plan for accomplishing your business school ambitions and career aspirations. Whether you are a student, professional or executive, Jesse’s inspiring one-on-one coaching style and proven strategies focus on helping you:

  1. Design a game plan to help you exit college with options and a clear strategy for starting a successful career.
  2. Craft a compelling and competitive business school application and work closely with you to apply to 10 MBA programs with the goal of gaining admission to your top choices.
  3. Catapult your career as an executive and design an action plan to propel you forward and showcase your talent.

There are four options for engaging with Jesse as your coach:

1. 90-Minute Strategy Session, focused on career development or business school application process

This short session is designed to give you a jump-start to focus your energy and provide you a HOW on to achieving your goal.

2. Rise Up! Half-Day VIP Coaching Session:

During this half-day session, you will benefit from individual one-on-one in person coaching where our entire interaction is based on a solutions-oriented approach. Jesse will work with you to outline your career ambitions. Jointly, you will:

Develop a two-prong career strategy:

  • Create an action plan to grow within your current employer
  • Create an action plan to exit your current employer, and revise your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and craft a job search strategy
  • You will learn the four techniques Jesse uses when he networks, help you draft your elevator pitch and further develop your confidence as you become a more effective career networker.

3. Rise Up! Full-Day VIP Coaching Session:

During the Full-Day VIP coaching session, you will receive all of the benefits of a half-day session plus the following:

  • Leadership Development: We will discuss your current extra-curricular activities inside and outside of the workplace. We will have a candid conversation about how you are perceived within the workplace and your interpretation of your Personal Brand. If you are not yet active in your local community, we will explore enhancing your leadership profile by identifying local non-profit organizations where you can volunteer your time as a board member to substantial your ability to provide strategic insight to help organizations move forward.
  • Interview preparation. We will discuss, draft answers, and rehearse articulating responses to five standard interview questions:
    1. Tell me about yourself (Walk me through your resume)
    2. Where do you see yourself in 5-years/10years?
    3. What are your strengths and weakness
    4. Describe your leadership style
    5. Tell me of a time when you have failed
  • Practice Salary Negotiation Techniques: We will review salary bump, signing bonus, and how to leverage competing offers.

4. Rise Up! 9-month one-on-one coaching:

During this 9-Month one-on-one coaching program, you will gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration. The program details are as follows:

  • This is a 9-month coaching engagement
  • Weekly coaching calls to guide you through the process and hold you accountable
  • Unlimited email, phone and text message support
  • Unlimited review of work, assessments, results and action plan

This is one of the most personal investments you will ever make because it is an investment in YOU. Your commitment to respond to someone who is driving your progress, and to implement the needed processes into your life as you pursue your goals and dreams whether they be excelling in school, pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree or excelling in your career. Jesse will work closely with you and hold you accountable to fulfill the specific objectives that have been mutually agreed upon to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals. This relationship yields a high success rate because Jesse is focused on delivering an uncompromising commitment to personal attention.

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