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Executive Catalyst is focused on helping clients develop their “Executive Presence.

jessemejia2Whether you are an analyst aspiring to become part of middle management, or a senior manager with the ambition to become a senior executive, our tailored approach will help you achieve your goal. Our clients are motivated by two fronts 1) to create change within their organization and 2) to pursue a level of financial security that will provide them independence. If you share this same determination, you will benefit from our distinctive process aimed to help you become a catalyst in your field. Our methodology is unique because our coaching programs center on five dimensions of your personal characteristics:

Public Speaking: While not all executives are strong public speakers, the ones that command a room do possess this ability and it’s a skill we will help you develop.

Appearance: We will evaluate your current work environment, company culture, and personal style. While image is important, our conversations will focus on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills.

Perception: There is a balance between what you believe and what others believe of you. Possessing the courage to ask for brutally honest feedback is a strong first step to understand your areas of improvement and further utilize your areas of strength.

Energy: The appropriate amount of energy – High or Low – will be dictated by your work environment. Recognizing when the right amount of energy should be applied will determine your ability to read the pulse of a room and further position yourself as a strong leader.

Reach: Networking within your company is a must. Creating champions for yourself is critical. You must identify senior leaders that can serve as sponsors on your behalf to support your candidacy when you are being evaluated for your next role. There is a process to create champions. While most happen organically, there are steps you can talk to cultivate a stable of champions to support your ambitions.

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