Room Setup

Room Set Up

We understand that every room is different in size, configuration and lighting. And Jesse’s requests might not be appropriate for your situation. Jesse would love to speak to your meeting planner to discuss ways to maximize your particular setting.


Raised platform (approximately 8′x8′) if audience exceeds 65 people. If you have the option, Jesse has found it more effective if the platform is as close to the front row as possible, preferably between 5-10 feet.

Small Table

Should be approximately 2′x2′ instead of a podium on the platform for drinking water, props and laptop.

If it is necessary to have a podium or a head table on the platform in order to facilitate the needs of the previous or following speaker, please have them moved to the back of the platform for Jesse’s presentation. Jesse needs as much free space at the front of the platform as possible.

Chair Set-up

During Jesse’s presentation, he may ask the attendees to stand and participate in an exercise. If it is possible, please set up chair rows with a minimum of an extra 6 inches between the rows.


Room lighting is very important. In order for your attendees to be able to fully appreciate his presentation, adequate lighting is crucial. Please avoid placing him in front of a window where outside lighting would create a silhouette effect. And while lighting on Jesse needs to be bright, lighting on the LCD screen needs to be subdued. Too much lighting on the screen will prevent the PowerPoint presentation from being seen. Your efforts to balance the room lighting will be greatly appreciated by Jesse and your audience. We are happy to discuss this with you further if you have any questions.

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