Jesse Mejia is a refreshing speaker. He delivers a powerful message that inspires participants to dream bigger and work harder to make their dream come true of graduating from college, getting into grad school or achieving success in corporate America.

If you are looking for a powerful speaker to deliver proven strategies and motivate your employees, contact our office today to book Jesse Mejia for one of the most requested programs below.

Rise Up, Mi Gente: How to Stand Out and Move Up at Work

Rise Up, Mi Gente is a call to action. Mi Gente is a Spanish term of endearment that means: “My People.” This program is a high-energy, high-impact, humorous keynote designed for members of business resource groups such as the Young Professionals, Women in Business, and cultural groups whose members strive for career advancement. Utilizing a simple, but actionable three-step plan, participants will be able to better understand their personal strengths, areas of opportunities, and value of taking risks to ultimately position themselves to stand out and move up at work.


How to Become the Next Unicorn at Work

When employees can harness a unique set of qualities that are valuable and rare, they transform themselves into the next Unicorns. Jesse explains these concepts by drawing on principles from
start-up, unicorn companies that are valued over $1 billion such as LYFT, Airbnb, Pinterest, and others. These companies understand their purpose and their identity. Unicorns are committed to
bringing value to the marketplace and so can you by becoming the next unicorn at work.


You Pick, I Pay:  Learn How to Network at Work

There is a difference between Mentors and Sponsors at work. A MENTOR will help you learn how to do a job; a SPONSOR will help you get your next job. Utilizing a four-step roadmap, participants will learn how to network effectively at work and accelerate their professional development.


The Art of Cultural Code Switching: Balancing Two Worlds to Build Your Executive Presence

Growing up, you were probably taught to be upbeat, say hello, introduce yourself, build relationships, be committed, and work hard.  Those skills lay the foundation for a career in business development, marketing, sales operations, and more.  However, working in corporate America is different.  There is a certain understanding that must be learned in order to do well.  Working hard is a given.  You are expected to work hard.  Meeting budgets and deadlines is a given.  You are expected to come under budget and produce great work in the time allotted.  If you were taught to be humble, not rock the boat, and to be grateful that you have a job – that mentality does not always work in corporate America.   You must have confidence, be able to balance your humility with your ability to be a leader and convey your executive presence with polish and poise.

In this program, attendees will participate in a lively discussion on what it means to balance two cultures and how to leverage home lessons for professional success.

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