The Things a Bad Boss Will Make You Do!

The Things a Bad Boss Will Make You Do!

Last week, one of my past MBA consulting clients called me because she hates her boss and wanted to quit her job.

As Latino professionals, our work ambitions range from being employed by some of the world’s most iconic companies, to doing work that will have positive outcomes for us both personally and socially. For many, we just want to help our parents pay their bills. However, unless you work for yourself, you will have a bad boss in your career. It’s inevitable. The question then becomes, “what will you do about it?’

Well, if you are like my client, she said “Jesse, my boss is clueless. I really just want to quit and start my own non-profit! I will get my bonus check next month, I will quit and just use that as my start-up capital!”

Does any of that sound like you? I said those same words about 15 years ago when I had my first of three, bad bosses. A bad boss can zap your self-confidence, ambition, and focus. But what I found intriguing is why would the Latinos I interacted with wanted to start a non-profit instead of just finding a new job? I was one of them too. I wanted to start a non-profit because I wanted to implement a vision that would help our youth…until I realized that those organizations already existed. Then I told myself I wanted to create a non-profit because I wanted to lead an organization’s strategic vision on how to address the social ills of our community…until I realized that those community leaders were already addressing the issues I wanted to tackle, and it would, unfortunately, require a pay cut for me if I wanted to be one of those leaders. Then I told myself that I just wanted to lead something that had nothing to do with my boss. In the end, I did not want to start a non-profit, I just wanted something different and to do something that made me happier.

I shared this story with my client and she laughed. Maybe, I made you laugh too. Having a bad boss is an opportunity to assess what you really want to do. Perhaps its a matter of seeking a lateral position with a different department at work, or maybe its a signal to seek a promotional opportunity elsewhere. For my client, she decided to look for a new role at work AND to start volunteering with her favorite non-profit to better determine if starting one is actually in her future.

If you have a bad boss, what do you want to do about it? Reach out to me if you want to talk it out.

If you are one of those committed individuals who want to start a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization, check out this short YouTube video I created to help you assess if starting a non-profit RIGHT NOW, is the best thing for you to do. Check out the video here and please subscribe to the channel:
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